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Speaking at DPharm 2013 -- Disruptive Innovations in PharmaIt’s probably easier to do this with pictures and videos (okay, and a few words)…

I am a journalist, a communications specialist, media trainer, content strategist, crisis comms strategist, public speaker, and author with more than two decades of professional experience. I have helped scores of companies and organizations of all sizes to tell their story in a more compelling and convincing way — and advised them on how to measure that success.

Content // Consulting // Training

I’ve put these decades of newsroom experience to use outside the newsroom. Here are some of the other things I do:

  • I work with organizations of all sizes to develop quality branded content strategies
  • media training (includes crisis preparedness and social media readiness)
  • I work with NGOs and charities to help them harness the latest digital tools to tell their story and tap the crowd for funding. That explains how I recently got involved in this project in DR Congo that is getting kids out of the mines and into a classroom.
  • I developed a digital journalism course for John Cabot University in Rome, pieces of which I steal now and then to train professionals in communications.

Through the years clients have ranged from Adidas to the Vatican’s Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi, from non-profits to FTSE 100-sized brands. I have advised, trained and delivered instructional speeches and workshops to executives at some of the world’s largest companies too – including Microsoft, HSBC, Adidas, IBM, Volkswagen, ENI, Intuit, and Eurostar.

Ok… still there? Here’s a bio (PDF) that spells out a bit more on my career.

Bernhard Warner career snapshot

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