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NewsTK-219My journalist career: spanning two continents and countless scoops

1 StoryTK headshot I’ve covered the dot-com boom, bust and tech re-birth on both sides of the Atlantic for the likes of Adweek, The Industry Standard, Reuters and Bloomberg Businessweek. Later, I wrote for The Times of London, Guardian,, Ad Age and Variety. My freelance journalism has also appeared in Fortune, Wired, Time, Inc., New York Magazine and the Boston Globe. I also wrote a column on technology in contemporary art (in Italian) for ContemporArt –

for which I was paid in vials of balsamic vinegar. Better than lire, I suppose… And then there was that Wild Ducks podcast, one of my favorite of all assignments.

Hare are few clips from the past decade or so that have aged pretty well:

This one blew up my Twitter:

On Italy, Europe (and the rest of the world):

On tech:

On the environment, science

Food & Wine:

The wacky:

Some politics, geeky politics:

And waaaay, way back:

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