Welcome. Benvenuti. Karibu. I ask a lot of how’d you do that? questions — in a variety of languages. Lately, I carry around with me a fancy mike and audio recorder. A small, but powerful video camera too. Here’s the results, a documentary film that I co-wrote, co-produced and co-shot (my portion with a GoPro) about former child miners in the DR Congo. It’s screened at more than a half-dozen 10 film festivals, and picked up some awards along the way.

Since the early 90s, I have worked in newsrooms across the United States and Europe as a reporter, columnist, editor and multimedia producer. Start-ups are my thing. I’ve co-launched blogs and columns for The Times of London, Slate.com’s The Big Money and Bloomberg Businessweek, to name a few. In January, 2013, I conceived the “Very Near Future” column for Bloomberg BusinessWeek dedicated to innovation, disruption, change. Continuing with the startup theme, I work with StoryTK. We tell big stories about people and organizations trying to change the world. In January, 2015, we launched the Wild Ducks podcast.

factory floor And, for a snapshot of my journalism career, click here.

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