I am always after a good story. And I chase ducks. I ask a lot of how’d you do that? questions — in a variety of languages. Lately, I carry around with me a fancy mike and audio recorder.

factory floorI have worked in newsrooms across the United States and Europe as a reporter, columnist and editor. Start-ups, you could say, are my thing. I’ve co-launched blogs and columns for The Times of London, Slate.com’s The Big Money and Bloomberg Businessweek, to name a few. In January, 2013, I started the “Very Near Future” column for Bloomberg BusinessWeek dedicated to innovation, disruption, change. Continuing with this theme of innovation, I am part of a small team of journalists that launched in January, 2015, the Wild Ducks podcast, backed by IBM. You can check it out here:

And, for a snapshot of my journalism career, click here.

Content // Consulting // Training

I’ve put these decades of newsroom experience to use outside the newsroom. Here are some of the other things I do (when there’s time):

  • I work with organizations of all sizes to develop quality branded content strategies
  • media training (includes crisis preparedness and social media readiness)
  • I work with NGOs and charities to help them harness the latest digital tools to tell their story and tap the crowd for funding. That explains how I recently got involved in this project in DR Congo that is getting kids out of the mines and into a classroom.
  • I developed a digital journalism course for John Cabot University in Rome, pieces of which I steal now and then to train professionals in communications.

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