I am always after a good story. That means chasing the occasional Wild Duck. I ask a lot of how’d you do that? questions — in a variety of languages. Lately, I carry around with me a fancy mike and audio recorder. And I’m pleased to announce a documentary film that I wrote, co-produced and co-shot (my portion with a GoPro) about former child miners in the DR Congo will be unspooled in October, 2015 in Rome. (Contact me if you’d like me to present it in your city.)

factory floorI have worked in newsrooms across the United States and Europe as a reporter, columnist and editor. Start-ups, you could say, are my thing. I’ve co-launched blogs and columns for The Times of London, Slate.com’s The Big Money and Bloomberg Businessweek, to name a few. In January, 2013, I started the “Very Near Future” column for Bloomberg BusinessWeek dedicated to innovation, disruption, change. Continuing with this theme of innovation, I am part of a small team of journalists that launched in January, 2015, the Wild Ducks podcast, backed by IBM. You can check it out here:

And, for a snapshot of my journalism career, click here.

Content // Consulting // Training

I’ve put these decades of newsroom experience to use outside the newsroom. Here are some of the other things I do (when there’s time):

  • I work with organizations of all sizes to develop quality branded content strategies
  • media training (includes crisis preparedness and social media readiness)
  • I work with NGOs and charities to help them harness the latest digital tools to tell their story and tap the crowd for funding. That explains how I recently got involved in this project in DR Congo that is getting kids out of the mines and into a classroom.
  • I developed a digital journalism course for John Cabot University in Rome, pieces of which I steal now and then to train professionals in communications.

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